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5 Beauty & Health Products You Can Easily Switch To Natural Now

5 Beauty & Health Products You Can Easily Switch To Natural Now

All my friends, family and customers on their journey to living a more natural chemical-free life, ask me the same question when they reach a particular point.


Whether you read one of our many blogs on healthy organic living, recently had a health scare (this is usually a big initiator) Been impacted by Covid-19 global pandemic or simply have a body that has become sensitive to the scents and flavours of products with toxins, this question is one you are bound to ask sooner or later.

And luckily for you, I asked the exact same question over 10 years ago when I started my fertility journey.

The best way to start changing the products you consume is simply that, start changing the products you consume.

After the knowledge you have now gained, I’m sure you feel like emptying out your draw of cosmetics and cleaning products, lighting them on fire and jumping on The Clean Organic Hub to shop. But trust me when I say that slowly swapping out a handful of products at time is the best way to not get (even more) overwhelmed and not break the bank.

Because yes, as you may have heard, clean, non-toxic products do cost more than toxic products. But do they? at the end of the day, is saving $50 in your weekly shop, worth more than saving your life in 10 - 20 years when these chemicals have caused illness & disease in your body?

I didn’t think so..

So now that the grim alternate reality story is covered, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Below is my personal list of 5 Beauty & Health Products You Can Easily Switch To Natural Products - Now!

1. Perfume 

I put a lot of thought into which product would make number 1, and as a mother, a woman and a wife, Perfume felt like the right choice. Why? Because as Dr Carole Hungerford said:


Almost all perfume and cologne on the market today that are sold in department stores and chemists contain phthalates. Phthalates are some of the most potent of all endocrine/hormone disrupting chemicals. As well as this, ”Fragrance” on any bottle can represent over 3,000 different chemicals in just one word. I use getBARE perfume, the only 100% natural perfume on the market to date. getBARE offers three delightful scents for women as well as a bareMAN cologne for men. This way you don’t need to miss out on smelling nice, minus the phthalates.

2. Sunscreen

Officially as of January 1, 2021, Hawaii will be the first state in the US to ban the sale of sunscreen containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate. These two chemicals, as well as many more in traditional sunscreen products are toxic for not only our health but our children’s health!

I’ve always used natural sunscreen on my twin boys and they have NEVER been burnt.

My favourite brand at the moment is Surf Mud, and they offer an everyday lotion for adults and a Surf Baby lotion for children. 

3. Deodorant

Luckily for us, there are plenty of natural and clean (no pun intended) deodorant brands on the market today. Just like perfume, deodorant contains a lot of nasty fragrances and chemicals that may smell nice but are causing serious damage to our bodies.

My personal favourite is the deodorant paste by Woohoo! It keeps me feeling fresh all day long chasing after my toddlers and when I’m running to meeting after meeting. 

4. Skincare 

As an ex David Jones Executive Manager, skin and beauty products have always been a huge part of my life and a big passion. With our skin being the body’s largest organ, it makes sense that we only put natural products on it right?

One brand I have consistently used without fail is Divine Woman. Created by none other than Therese Kerr (mother of model Mirand Kerr), this brand is certified organic and Australian owned and made. Many people over the years have asked me if I have had botox and when I tell them they beg me for my skincare brand and I LOVE telling them all about it because I believe in this brand’s products. 

5. Makeup

As women, we love glamming up for a night out and you’ll be happy to know that switching to natural products doesn’t have to mean giving up a fierce face of makeup.

Zuii Organic is a great brand, because it’s not only affordable, but it’s also certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free. When switching out your makeup, start with one or two items, like a mascara and a lipstick and then gradually build your makeup bag up again from there.

I hope that this information helps you on your journey and am always happy to answer any questions you may have, just comment below or drop me an email on 

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