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Vegan products and why there's more to them than you think

Vegan products and why there's more to them than you think

There’s no denying that the word “Vegan” is now more of a well-known term today, than it was 10 years ago. There have been many stigmas (both positive and negative) associated with the word Vegan, but amongst them all, one common assumption is that Vegan products are limited to mostly food and beverage products.

However, there is so much more to Vegan products than meets the eye and many different benefits to be had when choosing beauty, personal care and household vegan products

But before we get into the above, let’s start with the basics - what makes a product “Vegan”?

A product is typically Vegan if it does not contain any animal (or animal-derived) ingredients, such as honey, gelatine, and carmine, to name a few. Many assume that if a product is Vegan that this also means the product is free from animal testing too, however this is not always the case. Companies that sell vegan products can still test on animals, as offering a vegan product does not mean the product is necessarily cruelty-free.

A lot of the time, companies will add one or all of the below symbols to their website or product descriptions to show the buyer at a glance if that product is Vegan/ Cruelty-Free/ Not Tested On Animals. One example of a brand we love that does this is Zuii Organic who are very transparent about all of the ingredients of their products.

FYI - Not seeing the above on a product bottle doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is not selling you a product that is Vegan/ Cruelty-Free/ Not Tested On Animals, as each business informs their customer base of their certifications and product ingredients differently.

What types of Vegan products are available other than food products?

Vegan products can now be found across a wide range of industries but to keep it simple we’ve covered a handful below, including the benefits of using these vegan alternatives when shopping online.

Vegan Makeup 

Most people with sensitive skin or mild skin conditions, sometimes find that non-Vegan, chemical-based makeup products don’t work well with their skin. For this reason, natural Vegan makeup is said to be more gentler and safer than regular products, leaving out not only animal byproducts, but chemicals, metals, and other harmful substances.

Vegan Food Storage

For those looking to reduce their plastic consumption and level of food waste, Vegan food wraps are becoming increasingly popular, especially in households run by busy mums. Vegan food wraps are reusable, washable and compostable, and use pure candelilla wax, instead of beeswax. Best of all, unlike traditional wraps like cling wrap which you have to replace every month, Vegan food wraps can last 12 months or more when cared for properly!


Vegan Personal Hygiene

Much like with Vegan makeup products, selecting Vegan personal hygiene products (e.g. deodorant, toothpaste) is a great option for individuals who have sensitive gums or are prone to easily breaking out in a rash when using traditional deodorants. Worried Vegan hygiene products won’t smell as good? That’s a common misconception, but the great news is that brands like the NFco and Whole Boodies have worked really hard to ensure their toothpaste smells like minty fresh toothpaste and their deodorant scents are just as sweet smelling as everyday deodorants.


If you have any questions about what Vegan products are available at TheCOHub feel free to reach out to us at

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