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The Benefits of Cleansing Before Fertility

The Benefits of Cleansing Before Fertility

If you know me and my story, you’ll know that I struggled with infertility for almost a decade. When my first round of IVF didn’t work, I asked my doctor what I could do to improve my chances in the next round. I wanted to be a mum so badly, I was prepared to do anything I needed to do in order to improve my odds of conceiving.

My doctor advised me to clean up my eating habits: avoid preservatives, colorings, and additives, eat clean, and focus on whole, nutrient dense, organic foods. Ultimately, it took me four rounds of IVF before we became pregnant and with the gift of donor eggs. But you don’t have to take the same long journey I did: If you’re planning, or thinking of, becoming pregnant in the future, you can increase your chances of conceiving by detoxifying the body beforehand. But I don’t mean only detoxifying from the inside, it’s the outside too.


Even if we have a relatively healthy diet and eat mostly organic fruits and vegetables, everyday occurrences such as the environmental factors, stress, hormones, and illness produce toxins which can build up in the body. We can eliminate these by switching away from chemical-filled skin care products and using only natural products on our skin, and undergoing a cleanse.


Cleansing doesn’t just make us feel good and our skin glow, it also achieves a number of optimal functions within the body which ultimately give us our best chance for fertility. These include:

  • Healthy liver function,
  • Promotes bile production to improve digestion of proteins and fats,
  • Promotes growth of good gut bacteria,
  • Prevents growth of gut pathogens,
  • Regulates bowel function, and
  • Promotes a healthy microbiome for a strong immune system.

Not only does detoxifying the body help us in the early stages of our pregnancy journey, it also provides the baby with an environment that is free of reduced toxins to grow and develop in throughout the pregnancy itself.


While achieving a healthy gut and balanced hormones can also help us become pregnant, it’s important not to start a cleanse when you are already pregnant as the body naturally detoxifies itself while pregnant.


If you’re interested in learning more about detoxifying the body before pregnancy or would like to start a cleanse, send me a message! I’m always happy to chat and share my personal experiences and recommend.


Nyomi xx

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