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Top 5 Reasons You Need Collagen in Your Life

Top 5 Reasons You Need Collagen in Your Life

What is Collagen?

Scientifically speaking, collagen is the main protein in the body’s connective tissue. Collagen that is present in skin, hair, and nails all declines with aging and needs to be replaced. Using extra cellular matrix matter helps firm up the tissue, smoothing wrinkles and lines – the longer you take it, the better the connective tissue becomes for your hair, nails, gut, skin, and joints. 

There are 30 identified types of collagen, but the majority of collagen found is Type I through V:

Type I: skin, tendons, organs, vasculature, and organic parts of bone

Type II: cartilage

Type III: reticular fibers, usually found along with Type I

Type IV: forms the basal lamina, a layer of membrane

Type V: cell surfaces, including hair and placenta


More than 90% of the collagen in the human body is Type I. 


When collagen is broken down into smaller peptides, it can be taken as supplements to help with joint, bone, and skin health. In this form, collagen contains 8 of the 9 essential amino acids! 


Where does Collagen Come From?

There are many different types of collagen – 16, to be exact. However the most commonly researched types of collagen include Types I, II, and III. These are also the Types of collagen that are the most prevalent within our bodies. Type I collagen is used for strong hair, skin, nails and bones. I personally love Marine Peptide collagen, which comes from fish. It has the most efficient absorption rate and often uses parts of fish that are typically tossed away, so helps reduce waste from the food industry. 


The second type, Bovine Collagen, consists of Type I and Type III, and comes in both gelatin form as well as in peptide form. 


5 Reasons to Add Collagen To Your Life

Improved Skin: Collagen is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles giving you a more youthful, glowing appearance. Collagen tightens pores and will visibly reduce uneven pigmentation and skin tone. It helps decrease premature ageing effects caused by sun damage while increasing skin moisture and hydration and assists with maintaining integrity and structure of the skin through renewal and rejuvenation. Finally, collagen protects your cells from damage while you detox environmental and lifestyle pollutants, gives you a radiant glow, and is an energy booster.

Gut Health: Collagen is extremely important for the gut. Collagen is a protein, which is super important for structuring and regulating body tissues. The most dominant amino acid in collagen is glycine, which helps reduce inflammation by building up the tissues that line your gut, colon, and intestines. They provide the building blocks which help to maintain and repair the intestine. 

Joint Health: Collagen can increase proteoglycan around the joint cartilage, which has been shown to help with osteoarthritis aches and pains. 

Better Sleep: Because of its glycine properties, collagen can help you feel calm, reduce anxiety, and improve your overall sleep quality. Who doesn’t want better sleep?!

Benefits During Pregnancy: If you’re pregnant, taking collagen can help minimize stretch marks, ease recovery after childbirth, and reduce loose skin post-pregnancy. It’s ability to improve joint health can help when carrying around baby during pregnancy and after, and can help maintain healthy skin and strong hair.

There are many positive benefits to consuming collagen as part of your daily routine. When purchasing collagen for yourself, be aware of Vitamin C masquerading as collagen. Products with high levels of Vitamin C are actually allowed to be labelled as collagen. Do your research and make sure it’s a Type I collagen: always check your labels, or buy from a reputable seller. If you wanted to get started adding Collagen to your beauty routine but don't know where to start, you can view our range of Collagen U products in our store today.


Nyomi xx

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